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ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS and other releases - emails from fans

Dear Holyground, just a small message regarding the beauty of what little Holyground music I have heard.
A-Austr and Astral Navigations, are deeply evocative and enchanting albums which really touch me, thanks,

Nick Green, Scotland

. . . sorry for my poor English, I'm from Venezuela. I would like to thanks for all these magical and high quality musical stuff that you bring to the planet. I really enjoyed all of your re-issues (specially Astral Navigations). Maybe it's sounds a little peculiar that in this side of the world were people that know about you, but let me tell you that your music have no frontiers, sincerelly yours,

Charles Sous, Venezuela

Hi MIKE, I could NEVER imagine that I would be writing to THE mithical MIKE LEVON as I am doing now. I am 55 years old, and since I was 35, I have been collecting U.K and U.S.A. psychedelic and progressive MUSIC. Since many years ago, in a FUNHOUSE CATALOGUE, I read the description of the (original) records A to AUSTR, and ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS, I have bought and ENJOYED the SUPER-FABULOUS music all of you made in the late 60's and specialy in the early 70's, in EVERY reissue that has been made, in vinyl, as well as in CDs.

So,I know very well the music and lyrics of A to AUSTR, ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS, CHICK SHANNON, BILL NELSON, GYGAFO, ODE, GAGALACTYCA, JUMBLE LANE, a.s.o. and IT IS WONDERFUL and DELIGHTFUL!!! So, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for the GIFT you made to the WORLD in HOLYGROUND !!!!

And now,I have discovered in the WEB your Web-site: and it is a GREAT web-site!!! So, I am buying the "Astral Navigations" CD (once again), BUT THIS TIME "made" by YOU!!!

Once again thank you very much for everything, SPECIALY for the HOLYGROUND lyrics and music. God bless you forever Mike!!!!!

Cesar Diaz.

ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS and other Holyground records on New York Radio

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from 'Styng' Yorkshire's Underground newspaper, 1971

(This review was printed in the Astral booklet which accompanied the album).

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In 1989, The Italian Rock Magazine, Rockerilla, published a chart for the whole year showing
the choice of all their readers and staff. Holyground had the number one re-issue
that year : Astral Navigations. We also chalked up a number five place in the
originals section with Gygafo's Legend Of The Kingfisher. This was recorded in
1973, but not issued publicly till 1989.

Rockerilla's front cover January 1990 Rockerilla's chart. Note the Holyground sticker art! Close up of the chart page from Rockerilla.

There were rumours around this time that the album (vinyl LP) had been
bootlegged in Italy - maybe this explains its wide acceptance?
We'd love to know if it was bootlegged, and be even more
pleased to get a copy