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from The Penguin Guide to Rare Records
We were pretty chuffed when the first edition of this book not only listed this record first but had the following lovely comment!

Penguin Guide entry

review by Greg Breth, dealer in USA

Greg wrote in one of his brochures:

A-Austr (UK/Holyground 1970)

MONSTER private press higher key psychedelia, the most sacred UK LP there is, my rave of the isles as well. They do it all - folk rock, folk psych, psychedelic psych - quite mad really, sounds like 18 people were shut in a room with the mutual understanding that one could leave until an album was finished . . . at the very end of side 2 they count 1,2,3 & start playing straighter than the whole 55 minutes that has just blown you away - was it a rehearsal?

There's no other LP like this, it takes time & is  patient in revealing all it's hidden layers, messaqes & charms.

Only 250 pressed (99 actually), not enough covers made either, this is one of the hand made jobs with insert.

As good as it gets from over there, it's a true psychedelic experience -
afterwards it takes a while to
re-orient yourself with reality.