You know how it is: you check everything carefully, and the minute you get it back from the manufacturer someone picks on the only error! On delivery, I was checking trhough the CD when my partner Shirley pointed out the track listing on the back page of the booklet was wrong - two songs were in the wrong order.

And as if that wasn't enough, when I showed it to my brother Kevin, and Anne, my sister-in-law, Anne said there weren't enough tracks listed - the last one was number 17, not 18!

"Ah, but", I pointed out, "there are two number 15s!" The correct track listing is shown below - sorry guys! Mike Levon

1 Silence On The Wires THE WIRES from & Strangeness And Charm
2 That's Where They Buried the Giant NATHANIEL GREEN from Same Time Tomorrow
3 Nothing Rhymes With Lonely THE WIRES from In And Out Of Time
4 Riders of my Love BILL NELSON from Electrotype
5 Cruel ANDY WELLS from Lost The Will To Play
6 Sometimes CHARLIE SPEED from Sugarhills
7 Believe Me Now PILGRYM from Pilgrimage
8 Unstoppable PYLON from 2400 Volts
9 Boogie Music THUNDERMOTHER from Astral Navigations
10 Tomorrow (Buffalo) CHRIS COOMBS from Astral Navigations
11 Turning The Tables THE WIRES from & Strangeness And Charm
12 It's Alright MUSICS FROM HOLYGROUND from A - Austr
13 54 Days and Nights CHRIS COOMBS from Up To McGill's
14 Heart of the Storm STEVE CHANNING from Heart Of The Storm
15 Cry Cry Cry CHARLIE SPEED from Sugarhills
16 Oh No No No THE WIRES from In And Out Of Time
17 No Point at All STEVE CHANNING from Tears On The Console
18 So . . . JOINT EFFORT recorded 2004 for this CD

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