Andy Wells suggested we do a special track involving as many of the people who play on the JOINT tracks as possible. The date was to be Thursday 16th October.

Mike & Chris, the composers of 'So...', the song they'd chosen to do, laid down a basic backing of acoustic guitar & drums.

2.00 pm
Mike and Chris, the composers of 'So...', the song they'd chosen to do,
laid down a basic backing of acoustic guitar and drums
Al Quinn, bass player with Global Village in the '70's arrives, says he hasn't played for 20 years, and starts to learn the song. A string on his bass breaks, a quick change of instrument to Pete Taylor's bass, and Al lays down the track. (Pete unfortunately was living it up at his French Chateau and couldn't be at the sessions).
Steve Channing arrives, (from New York! - well, OK, New York in Lincolnshire, England). He's soon picked up the chord sequence and lovely fluid lines are flowing from his acoustic guitar. Shortly after this Andy Wells and Kevin Mulvihill from Pilgrym arrive, and cart a selection of synths and a warmed-up Moog into the studio. Mike sets Andy up in the control room and he's also learning the song by the time Rob Taylor (of Pylon and Nathaniel Green fame) arrives. Rob gets some help to carry in his Fender Rhodes and sets up an amp. Mike's been busily setting up microphones on Rob's amp, Steve guitar and Chris' acoustic guitar.
The first of three takes follow : Rob on Rhodes, Chris and Steve on acoustics, and Andy on keys. Although there are a few nice bits in takes 2 and 3, it's the first take you hear on JOINT.
A break for some sandwiches and coffee made by Shirley - just like the old days in Cass Yard!
Chris realises he has little time to do the main vocal - laid down in three takes, again with the vast majority of the finished vocal coming from take one.
Chris, Al Quinn and Steve rehearse and record the chorus vocals - unlike the original song these are a single held note over the chorus; over two choruses at the end. It's sounding good.

Time for some percussion to augment Mike's drum track. A quick raid on a drum kit stored in the cellar and Kevin Mulvihill has a kind of bongo-cum-conga setup - bongas or congos! Chris, Andy and Rob grab some claves, drum sticks, - anything guaranteed to be really intrusive and bleed into everyone else's mikes, thus insuring they are in the final mix!

Al Quinn and Steve have some 'chicken eggs' - nice little shakers; and Mike uses a child's plastic snake rattle to add some shush-shushing sounds.

Again three runs through, and yes, again, it's the first take which makes it to the mix.

Andy's adding other keyboard pasts - piano, organ and the Moog parts in the choruses.
Another break, this time for fish and chips from Wakefield's drive-in chippie - really! Chris has nipped off to collect Sally who is going to add some flute to the mix - and apart from Charlie's lead it will be finished. Sally plays flute on our new album IN & OUT OF TIME.
Sally is learning her parts - a mix of input from Chris and Andy, based on the original vocal parts. A small crowd gathers now the main work is done - Sally has to learn and record in public! After the first take is done, it's two more harmony parts, and then some twiddly bits for the end.
All done and dusted bar the lead. It's time to relax.
Charlie was ill unfortunately and couldn't come on the Thursday, but via a mixture of internet up- and down-loading; CDs in the mail, and one CD brought from Charlie's house in Leeds by taxi, there's soon a lovely U2-ish rolling guitar part in the mix. During the week Mike mixed the final versions of the song, and here it is, less than 18 days later on the website on sale!

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