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Jumble Lane

The first sessions for 'Jumble Lane' were in October 1970, with it finally being released on vinyl in 1971.

Original hand-drawn cover:


It was first re-issued on CD by Background Records, catalogue number HBG 123/3.

The tracklisting from this release was:

As part of the works seriues, another CD was re-issued in 2003 by Kissing Spell, as KSG 111, with 5 extra tracks/out-takes:

  1. Prelude in D Minor (Bach); Allemande (My Lady Hunssdon's Puffe) (Dowland) - Rich Freeman, guitar
  2. Girl from Gothenburg (Snell) - Nick Dew Drums, Liam Arthurs bass, Martin Snell piano
  3. Flutelode (Byford) - Nick Dew drums, Liam Arthurs bass, Martin Snell glockenspiel, Biff Byford flute.
  4. Blues for Joanne (Jerrom) - Ric Jerrom vocals, Rich Freeman 1st guitar, Steve Channing guitar, Liam Arthurs bass, Martin Snell American organ
  5. Five in a Van (Snell-Garfield) - Chris Garfield lead guitar, Nick Dew drums, Liam Arthurs bass, Martin Snell piano
  6. Frustration/Ends Away - (Snell-Arthurs-Dew-Mann-Garfield-Byford) - Liam Arthurs vocal bass,Nick Mann guitar, Chris Garfield lead guitar. Nick Dew drums, Biff Byford flute, Martin Snell piano
  7. Little Frederique - (Channing-Byford-Keys) - Rich Keys mouth harp, Steve Channing guitar, Biff Byford flute
  8. Excerpt from the Shipper - (Holland) - Dave Holland piano, Nick Dew drums, John Millington lead guitar, Rob Clark bass, Ric Jerrom vocals
  9. Rock Me Babe - (Accatino-Ferina-Crivellente) Ric Jerrom vocals, Howard Wriggley piano, Mike Brownrigg lead guitar, Steve Channing silent slide guitar, Rob Rutherford Jaws harp, Nick Dew drums
  10. Organics - (Snell-Arthurs-Dew) - Martin Snell piano, Liam Arthurs bass, Nick Dew drums
  11. Red Hot Daddy - (Ball) - Ian Ball vocal kazoo mouth trumpet ukelele, John Davidson banjo, Graham Heaney jug tea chest bass, Pete Tidball guitar, Tina Barnes washboard
  12. Gallery - (Joni Mitchell: Siquomb Publishing) - Marcia Phillips vocal guitar, Linda King vocal
  13. Preserve - (Snell-Channing-Dew-Arthurs-Byford-Keys) - Rich Keys moth harp, Steve Channing guitar, Nick Dew drums, Biff Byford flute, Liam Arthurs bass, Marin Snell piano

Steve Channing's comments about the making of Jumble Lane:

Somehow, someone managed through the Student Union to organise another Bretton album. Shepherded by Union sheepdogs, we made a number of pilgrimages to the Holyground Studio Shrine.
It was a lucky dip of musicians blended with a heady mixture of material, some jams, a few originals & a shake of covers to season.

I remember a conveyor belt of food, hangovers, hilarity, smoke, beer, coffee, no eggs and waking up on the living room couch - yet again!

The Works

This CD is part of HOLYGROUND : THE WORKS series


  full colour eight page booklets and inlays
  new photographs and original artwork
  words to all original songs
  additional tracks, out-takes, and contemporary tracks
  previously unreleased recordings
  a special label and logo
  background and recording information
  info, and anecdotes  . . .   the works!

ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS and A TO AUSTR are the most well known albums on the label during its early days from 1966 to 1975.
These and nine others make up the "Works" released through KISSING SPELL:

volume 2 NUMBER NINE BREAD STREET  (still to be released)
volume 3 A TO AUSTR (still to be released)
volume 6 JUMBLE LANE
volume 7 ODE by BLUE EPITAPH
volume 9 TEARS ON THE CONSOLE by Chick Shannon and the Last Exit Band  (still to be released)
volume 10 LOOSE ROUTES 1
volume 11 LOOSE ROUTES 2

Several of the albums above have only ever been released in small vinyl runs : volumes 1, 5, 9, 10 and 11. All will have a considerable number of additional tracks. The average running time of each CD will be over 60 minutes and often up to 70 minutes. Mike has scoured his archive and made several surprising finds, especially the ones "hidden" on the bottom track or other side of the tape - tracks even he didn"t know he"d got!

THE FIRST TWO RELEASES are "Last Thing On My Mind" from 1966, and "Gagalactyca" from the early seventies. For details see below.

LAST THING ON MY MIND has never been released since the original 99 vinyl copies made by Mike Levon when he recorded it in 1966. It is an album of folk and early folk rock - the roots from which Holyground grew. There are standout performances from Chris Coombs and others. It"s an album of great beauty: if you close your eyes you can see the candles, and feel the dark . . . There are also several out-takes and contemporary recordings never previously released at all!

GAGALACTYCA has only been released on vinyl. It is a sister album to Astral Navigations. There are two "sets" of music : Chris Coombs and others (Lightyears Away), and Thundermother. Chris and Mike Levon wrote songs for the Light Years Away "side" of the album. Standout tracks are the short though beautiful "That Is What We Need", and "Cold Tired and Hungry" a storming track featuring Bill Nelson on guitar.

Thundermother come up with five brilliant tracks, four of them their own songs. Standout tracks are a version of "Woman" by the group, an acid guitar epic in "Come On Home", and the beautiful "Woman In My Life".

Additional tracks include Chris Coombs" tributes to Winnie the Pooh - yes, really!; and a wonderful version of Pretty Anne, a "lost" Austr track, complete with psych keyboard.

Special webpages, only publicised through the albums themselves, will be available soon for each album. They will have even more info, photos, ephemera, gossip and flavour of the times . . .

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