part of Holyground from 1965, and still here!

pre 1965

Classically trained, Chris was singing with the London Opera Group, and in demand as a soloist by other companies, when he also started performing in clubs around London as part of the folk-music revival, even finding himself on the same bill as Paul Simon. ("I wish I'd not argued with him . . . Look where he is today!") Singing with folk Trio Los Mumblos, they were talent-spotted by the actress Carole Mowlam who dragged them into rehearsal-rooms, sharpened their act, and got them an audition with ITV, leading to their first TV offer, which they never took up preferring to go off to college!


1965 - 1975

At Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire he met Holyground's Mike Levon. Although Chris had recorded previously with the legendary Glyn Johns (Eagles, Stones etc.) it was this collaboration with Mike that freed him creatively to write and perform his own material, drawing on his varied musical influences combined with rock, psych and progressive rock. On Mike's Holyground label, the first independent label in England, he worked with others, including gigging with Bill Nelson (Be Bop De Luxe; Red Noise, etc.), to produce highly unusual albums such as A-AUSTR (the first entry in the Penguin Price Guide for Record and CD Collectors), ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS, etc., which have featured on BBC Radio 1 and independent stations both here and worldwide. Original copies command three-figure sums, but global demand is such that most of the albums have been through successive re-releases.

1976 - to date

Chris continues to write, record and release, still in a variety of cross-influential styles, including commercial material. Incidentally, his sons Ben and Nik play, record, compose and arrange for Eliot Kennedy's Steelworks studio, with their own world-wide credits.


LAST THING ON MY MIND CD 1 song (words and music) 2 songs co-written with Mike Levon
NUMBER 9 BREAD STREET CD 2 songs (words and music)  
A TO AUSTR CD 6 songs (words and music)  
ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS CD 3 songs (words and music)  
GAGALACTYCA CD 2 songs (words and music) 3 songs co-written with Mike Levon
& STRANGENESS AND CHARM CD 3 songs (words and music)

2 songs co-written with Mike Levon
2 songs co-written with Mike Levon & Pete Taylor

UP TO MCGILL'S CD 6 songs (words and music) 6 songs co-written with Mike Levon